Lawyers Insurance Package

Lawyers Insurance Package

Recommended Policy Coverages

Purchasing all of the correct policies to properly cover your firm can be confusing. Our Lawyers Professional insurance package includes the most important coverages most firms need and allows for specialty coverage endorsements for services you may offer outside of the world of law. The bottom line is we have a coverage solution for every service you may offer.

The core package includes the following lines of coverage:

The heart of every good Lawyers insurance package is the professional liability coverage (Errors & Omissions). Professional liability coverage protects you from mistakes made while working with clients. For Law firms, the most common and costly errors are in the areas of information and network security, lack of communication, conflict of interest, fees, failure to properly investigate, and failure to know and/or apply law among many other less common errors. This coverage specifically fills the coverage gap in general liability policies created by the ‘your work’ exclusion in those policies.

Cyber liability coverage is quickly becoming one of the most important pieces your firm needs in its insurance package. This coverage protects you in the event either you or your clients suffer a loss due to your computer network being compromised or private client information being leaked. This is by far the fastest growing area of concern for Law firms.
The Business Owners Policy includes many broad coverages that apply to every firm. Most notably, the general liability and property coverage are offered here. The property coverage includes either owned or leased/rented offices and all business personal property. The general liability portion of the BOP protects you from liability related to bodily injury and property damage where your at fault. The general liability coverage does include an exclusion for ‘your work’ which necessitates the need for the professional liability policy noted above.
Workers’ compensation coverage provides the state required levels of protection for you and your employees in the event they are injured on the job. For firms in Washington state, we include stop-gap coverage on the Business Owners Policy to cover the employer liability portion of the workers comp policy.

These are the management liability coverages your firm needs to provide cover for claims stemming from:

Employment Practices Liability –¬†Protects the firm from employee harassment complaints, discrimination, wage and hour complaints

Directors & Officers –¬†Protects the firm and corporate leaders personally for failure to act in good faith, misuse of company funds, misrepresentations of company assets, breach of fiduciary liability , non-compliance, and more.

Get a quote

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to get a quote from us. The two items we need are:

1. Completed application (new or renewal)¬†– We can usually use the application you’ve already completed for your current carrier.

2. Copy of your current policy – We need this to match your retroactive date so we can provide coverage for your past work and match any special coverages you have now.

If you haven’t completed an application for your current carrier, then you can download our applications here:

Lawyers Professional Liability Main Application.pdf

*Return completed applications to Chad@PriemCo.com*